Mathematics News

Bridges, string art and Bézier curves


The Jerusalem Chords Bridge The Jerusalem Chords Bridge, Israel, was built to make way for the city’s light rail train system. However, its design took into consideration more than just utility — it is a work of art, designed as a monument. Its beauty rests not only in the visual appearance of its criss-cross cables,…

Hidden dimensions


That geometry should be relevant to physics is no surprise — after all, space is the arena in which physics happens. What is surprising, though, is the extent to which the geometry of space actually determines physics and just how exotic the geometric structure of our Universe appears to be.

Ants can count ?

Harald Wolf of the University of Ulm and his assistant Matthias Whittlinger proposed that ants have “pedometer-like” cells in their brains that count the steps they take. How Do Ants Get Home? Most ants get around by leaving smell trails on the forest floor that show other ants how to get home or to food.…