Dear participant,

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 29th Balkan Mathematical Olympiad in Antalya. BMO 2012 will be held between April 26 and May 2, 2012.

We hope that you will find your stay enjoyable and stimulating. Mathematics is a discipline whose greatest achievements are through collaboration, nevertheless, it is natural that young gifted mathematicians will desire to test their skills in competition with each other. We hope that this olympiad, in a land whose mathematical traditions go back to antiquity, will serve to advance dialogue and friendship between young mathematicians from diverse countries.

The Organizing Committee.   (

What is BMO?

The Balkan Mathematical Olympiad is an annual contest for students from one of the member countries (Balkan area). In recent years the hosts have also invited some non-member guest countries. List of BMOs

The 1st BMO was held in Athens, Greece in 1984.
The 2nd BMO was held in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1985.
The 3rd BMO was held in Bucharest, Romania in 1986.
The 4th BMO was held in Athens, Greece in 1987.
The 5th BMO was held in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1988.
The 6th BMO was held in Split, SFR Yugoslavia in 1989.
The 7th BMO was held in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1990.
The 8th BMO was held in Constanţa, Romania in 1991.
The 9th BMO was held in Athens, Greece in 1992.
The 10th BMO was held in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1993.
The 11th BMO was held in Novi Sad, FR Yugoslavia in 1994.
The 12th BMO was held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 1995.
The 13th BMO was held in Bacău, Romania in 1996.
The 14th BMO was held in Kalambaka, Greece on 28 April-4 May 1997.
The 15th BMO was held in Nicosia, Cyprus on 3–9 May 1998.
The 16th BMO was held in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia on 6–12 May 1999.
The 17th BMO was held in Chişinău, Moldova on 3–9 May 2000.
The 18th BMO was held in Belgrade, FR Yugoslavia on 3–9 May 2001.
The 19th BMO was held in Antalya, Turkey on 25 April-1 May 2002.
The 20th BMO was held in Tirana, Albania on 2–8 May 2003.
The 21st BMO was held in Pleven, Bulgaria on 5–11 May 2004.
The 22nd BMO was held in Iaşi, Romania on 4–10 May 2005.
The 23rd BMO was held in Agros, Cyprus on 27 April-3 May 2006.
The 24th BMO was held in Rhodes, Greece on 26 April-2 May 2007.
The 25th BMO was held in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia on 4–10 May 2008.
The 26th BMO was held in Kragujevac, Serbia on 28 April-4 May 2009. 
The 27th BMO was held in Chisinau, Moldova on 2–8 May 2010. 
The 28th BMO was held in Iaşi, Romania on 4-9 May 2011.

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