IMO 2011


The Netherlands takes great pride in hosting the 52nd International Mathematical Olympiad from 16 to 24 July 2011. The IMO is the largest and oldest Olympiad for the exact sciences and we will have the honour of receiving over six hundred incredibly talented young mathematicians from across the globe.

These young people will spend the rest of their lives sharpening their mathematical skills and will leave their mark on the world in all sorts of areas, from fundamental mathematical research to matters of finance, health care, energy and the environment.

In my view, it is very important for young people to explore and make use of their talents, and schools should offer them every opportunity to do so. In order to reach their full potential, children must feel challenged. Since 1959 the International Mathematical Olympiad has brought together the brightest stars, the most gifted pupils from around the world.

There is another aspect of the IMO which I would like to mention: as a budding mathematician, what could be better than spending two weeks meeting people from all over the world, from different cultures and backgrounds, that share the same passion for mathematics? Isn’t it wonderful that young people can learn about cultural and national similarities and differences in this way? IMO participants carry this experience with them for the rest of their lives.

Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all members of the organisation, all volunteers, institutions and organisations that support the IMO2011 for their help and commitment, which will make the IMO2011 a most memorable event.

I wish all the IMO2011 participants the best of luck and a pleasant stay in our beautiful country!

Marja van Bijsterveldt-Vliegenthart
Minister for Education, Culture and Science



  • 28 February 2011: Online confirmation of participation
  • 28 March 2011: Receipt of problem proposals
  • 25 April 2011:
    • Online registration of (deputy) leader, single rooms and observers (if applicable)
    • For leaders and observers A: registration of arrival day (12 or 13 July 2011)
    • Online registration of the number of contestants
  • 30 May 2011:
    • Online registration of contestants
    • Full payment of the charges for single rooms and observers in cleared funds
  • 13 June 2011: online registration of all travel details


Below are the dates of  the IMO2011. If you have any questions you can email them to [email protected].

The arrival day for leaders is 13 July 2011. However, leaders are welcome to arrive on 12 July 2011, free of charge, in order to have more time to work on the shortlist. They will receive the shortlist as soon as they arrive.

The IMO AB members arrive on 12 July 2011. The IMO AB meeting takes place on 13 July 2011.

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